Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join WEB?

Nothing. There is no annual fee and most of the meetings are free to attend. There may be a small fee where hosts have had to hire a room or buy things specifically for their event, but this will be posted on the WEB Diary page before the event so that you know.

How often are the events held?

Once a month, on the third Monday we have a meeting at The Altisadora in Bishop Burton. Additonal meetings are held by members through out the year. Check the WEB Diary page¬†for details of the current month’s meeting.

How do I join?

Simply choose the event you’d like to attend and book a place as outlined in the event details. You’ll find all the details of each month’s event on the WEB Diary page¬†with details and a link for you to book.

What happens at WEB events?

It depends on which month you choose to come along. Each event is different but all include time for networking and meeting businesswomen in similar situations to yours.